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Having a normal red, white, or wood door is all well and good for 90% of the year, but when Halloween rolls around, you want to give that plain old door the boot and make it as scary as possible! We have a bunch of really scary (and funny) door covers to use inside and outside your house this season.

Door decorations are usually quite easy to make, install and then take down afterwards, so they are perfect both as a decorative accent or a welcoming sign for trick-or-treaters. This article is for those people that are just celebrating the season for the first time, or who want to show a little bit of festive spirit without dropping huge amount of cash at the Halloween store.

Halloween season is here and that means decking up your dorm room door or your classroom door with some of the most creative and spookiest Halloween Door Decoration Ideas. When you think of decorating your classroom or dorm room door, think of spooky bats or creepy spiders. You can even think of ghosts and witches.

Halloween Door Decorations, Curtains & Covers to Set the Scene. You've been warned — now enter if you dare! These Halloween door decorations and door curtains set a delightfully spooky tone for your party area, "Keep Out" warnings for delighted guests to disobey.

11 Easy Classroom Door Decorations. No worries. The brown door is perfect for a scarecrow! Use black masking tape for the "stitching." Frankentstein Door Idea — This is another super simple one. Cover the door in green, add a few touches with paper cutouts, and then draw on the details with a black sharpie.

63 Best Halloween Door Decorations for 2019 1. Banner Fun. 2. Tree-tastic! 3. Here's Your Mummy! 4. The Witch's Welcome. 5. Eaten Alive. 6. Spider Web It! 7. Brains! Halloween Door Decoration. 8. Googly Eye Monster. 9. Crashin' the Party. 10. Light Up the Night. 11. Spooky Specter. 12.