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Our Halloween cupcake decorating idea this year is to use our Halloween themed cupcake decorations to make beautiful Halloween cupcakes with. Dress up your Halloween themed cupcakes and cakes with our Halloween cupcake picks this year. Use our Halloween Cupcake decorations to make perfect Halloween cupcakes.

This amazing Halloween cake compilation has great ideas for a kids Birthday party or a Halloween themed party. Video List Pennywise Cake

There are no tricks here—these Halloween treats are going to become some of your favorite festive sweets to bake this October. Any one of these Halloween cupcake recipes would be perfect for serving at your annual Halloween party, as you're watching some scary movies, while you're decorating pumpkins, or even as you're crafting a Halloween costume or some spooky decor.

This Halloween cake's decoration is more than just frosting: The entire cake is shaped like fall's favorite fruit (yes, a pumpkin is actually a fruit!). A wafer ice cream cone dipped in green frosting makes a perfect stem.

To make this fun monster, follow these Halloween cupcake decorating steps: 1. Frost a cupcake with chocolate frosting. 2. Cut gummy worms into long, thin strips. Curl and pile strips on top of cupcake. 3. For eyes, use chocolate frosting to attach two round white candies to the cupcake. Partially bury the eyes in the pile of worms.

These thirty Halloween cupcakes are perfect for your monster bash (or just for you). View Gallery 30 Photos even those who only dare to decorate when forced to can handle them.